RAPPA Mobile Yards

New for 2016 we have launched a new series of yards. The Series 8, Series 10 and Series 12. Whether you manage five or five thousand head of sheep there is a mobile yard to suit your flock. From the extremely manoeuvrable Series 8 Buggy, ideal for the smallholder, to the largest capacity Series 12 Tiltbed, catering for the multi-acre, multi-flock farms. With 6 yards in total there’s a stock control solution for every shepherd. Our yards have been developed with and tested by farmers, using our 30 years’ experience in mobile livestock systems, we know exactly what works when it comes to designing and building mobile yards.  

Use the Contact Us  page to register your interest in a mobile yard. We will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and send you a price list. Alternatively use our Advice section, whether you’re new to mobile yards or a seasoned user there is a wealth of information and practical advice. Each yard in our range has its own dedicated web page, this provides all the information you need to find the right tool for you.There are six yards to choose from. The Series 8 includes; Smallholder and Buggy. The Series 10 includes; Compact, Standard and Super . The Series 12 includes; Tiltbed . If you would like more information or to place an order please call us 01264 810665.

    • Designed and manufactured at our Hampshire factory
    • All our products are fully supported with after sales advice from our experts in stock control
    • Our manufacturing process and trailers are Type Approved meaning strong, reliable, quality products every time
    • We have a range of yards to suit every farmer, every situation and every need


  • Features unique to Rappa yards;

    • All our yards have a modular design. This allows any system to be tailored to your needs and can be expanded as your flock grows
    • The “floating” design discourages stock from pushing against the hurdles to minimise wear and tear
    • All our yards are fully galvanised all-steel with lightweight aluminium components
    • All aluminium is of a high grade and a heat treatment added to give further strength and durability
  • Features unique to Rappa yards;

    • Two hurdle heights available 36in | 0.9m and 39in | 1.0m
    • Vertical hurdle design reduces the incidences of broken legs
    • Rounded hurdle design allows easy drag across any terrain
    • Three hurdle lengths available 5ft | 1.5m, 6ft | 1.8m and 7ft | 2.1m


  • Features unique to Rappa yards;

    • All components are fully interchangeable with our yards and most others in the market
    • Our front drafting gates enable shedding without unloading the penning hurdles
    • Railed or solid front drafting gates. Solid gates are easily converted to railed, your choice, depending on the job at hand
    • All panel heights can be adjusted in the field using the multiple lugs found on all our spreaders
  • Features unique to Rappa yards;

    • All panels are made from non-reflective easy-clean panels that encourage stock flow
    • Two panel heights available 36in | 0.9m and  39in | 1.0m
    • Customize your yard with a range of accessories
    • Multiple set up configurations to suit any task